Rental Kayaks And Kayaking Equipment Rentals

At Kayak Academy we spoil our renters by providing them with the same high quality gear that we ourselves like to use. In addition to kayaks, we also rent wet suits, dry suits, neoprene booties, kayak helmets, tents, sleeping bags, down filled air mattresses, and more. Most rental gear (except kayaks) can be shipped within the US. Rental gear may be picked up a day in advance and returned up to a day after your trip with no extra charge. Call us at 206.527.1825 or E-mail us to make a rental reservation. For rentals used or shipped within Washington State, sales tax is added onto rental fees and shipping.

Dry Suit Rentals

We rent Kokatat brand Gore-Tex dry suits in men's and woman's sizes, and we ship rental drysuits anywhere in the 50 US States. We have rates for daily rentals, weekends, and long-term rental (i.e. Grand Canyon trips). Up to $150.00 of your dry suit rental fees may be used toward the purchase of a new dry suit from us before Dec. 31 of the same year. For more information about reserving a rental dry suit, click Rental Dry Suits.

Wet Suit Rentals

We have rental wet suits available in all sizes of Kokatat's men's and women's wets suits plus men's NRS Grizzly size wet suits. These are neoprene farmer john sleeveless bib paddling style wet suits. The rental fees for wet suits are $20.00 per suit for the first day and $15.00 per suit for each additional day.

Sea Kayak Rentals

Our single sea kayak rental packages include free use of PFD (life jackets) with whistle attached, paddle, spray skirt (neoprene w/adjustable waist - not the cheap nylon kind), bilge pump with pump float, and a self-rescue paddle float. Our one-person sea kayak rental fleet specializes in state-of-the-art rudder-free fiberglass and roto-molded sea kayaks with retractable skegs from Valley, TideRace, Wilderness Systems, P&H, Current Designs, and Northshore. Call before coming to our shop to rent a kayak. Kayak renters must talk with our senior staff about safety skills and roof rack requirements before we will rent. If you are a Kayak Academy alumni or a Mountaineer Sea Kayak Course graduate, be sure to mention that first so we can check our records and speed up the process.

Single Kayak Rental: $80 for the first day (K.A. lesson rental are significantly less), $50 for each additional day.

Winter Kayak Rental only: $300.00 Oct. 15 - Mar. 15 (limited to roto-molded WS Tempest, roto-molded Valley Etain, roto-molded Dagger Stratos kayaks)

Call us about making a rental reservation, 206 527 1825

Hourly Rentals for Sit On-Top Kayaks and SUP Paddle Boards

During the summer we rent SOT Kayaks and SUPs by the hour at L. Sammamish State Park, Issaquah WA through our subsidiary, Issaquah Paddle Sports (IPS). Please click here to learn more about IPS .

IPS has several models of stand-up paddle boards available for rent. See for more information.