Women's Kayaking Dry Suits by Kokatat

Only K.A. drysuits come with:

Guaranteed fit
FREE Loaner Dry Suit while you wait for repairs etc.
FREE Drysuit Care Kit and K.A. Guide to Owning a Drysuit
FREE Shipping in U.S.
NO SALES TAX if shipped outside WA state

Kokatat offers the best selection of women's dry suits for kayaking, canoeing, and rafting. Kayak Academy is the best place to buy a women's Kokatat dry suit because we stock every model of kokatat women's drysuits, we even stock some custom kokatat women's drysuits with front relief zippers instead of drop seats, and we're better at fitting women's drysuits than even Kokatat themselves. If needed, we can have Kokatat build a custom sized drysuit for you, and we'll loan you a suit to use while you wait.